Private Parties

Serving the Vernal, Utah area.

There are a few different packages I offer for private parties.   For smaller parties live twisting is the most popular choice.  For larger groups of children,  balloon workshops or shows may be a better fit.  I also offer balloon-themed games and experiences.  Learn more about each below.  Feel free to contact me with questions.  These packages can be customized to meet your party's needs.

Candy Cups and Balloon Party Favors

Candy Cups are a trendy alternative to goodie bags.  16 oz cups can be filled with candy, snacks, trinkets, or even small gifts.  I can fill them for you or deliver them empty for you to fill.

The value of candy cups vary depending on how many balloons are used and how intricate the design work is.

The biggest benefit of these candy cups is that they double for as decorations for your party, working especially well as table centerpieces.

Balloon candy cups start at $3 unfilled for very simple balloons and go up from there.  I can make just about anything you want and love working with the fun themes my creative customers come up with.

I can also make pre-made balloon party favors if you don't want the cups and don't want a live twister.  Ask about free delivery in the Vernal area for orders $50.00+.  Popular options range between $3-$10 each.

Candy cups can also be an add-on for live twisting.  I make the balloon at the party, and add it to a candy cup, giving the kids a safe place to keep their balloon during the party, and eliminating the need for a party favor for your guests.

Live Twisting

This is the traditional option.  I come with my menu board with several options for your guests to choose from, along with dozens of character prints and specialty balloons.  Instead of a line, those interested in a balloon take a ticket and I call out their number when it is their turn.  This gives people a better idea how long they will need to wait for a balloon and eliminates congestion.

Alternatively we can play the guessing game.  As I make the balloon, interested parties may guess what I am making.  The first person to guess gets the balloon. If  the guesser already has a balloon, they can choose between the two, but they must give one of their balloons to somebody who doesn't have a balloon yet.  The benefits of this system is that there will be a better variety of balloons and makes the twisting more interactive and entertaining.  It works best for smaller parties where everyone gets a balloon OR larger events where everyone can see that not everyone will get a balloon and they become a special prize.  If you are hosting a larger event, talk to me about secondary prizes for participating.  Small trinkets, simple balloon dogs or swords, and company swag are popular options. This game also works well coupled with the balloon workshop.

Pricing:  $80 for the first hour, $60 for every hour afterwards.  For large events, contact me for a custom quote.

Balloon Workshops

Why should I have all of the fun twisting?  If you are looking for an entertaining activity for a larger group of children, an activity that will fully engage all of the children at your party, give you a break, and even teach the kids a thing or two about balloon twisting, the balloon workshop is for you. Workshops last roughly an hour regardless of the number of children participating.

Balloon Costume Experiences and Games

Balloons by themselves are fun, but they are much better when they are *experienced*.  Balloons only last a few days to a couple of weeks, the reason we love them so much is because they make our special events *memorable*.  When a child (or adult!) puts on a costume, the stage is set for their imagination to take over.  The costume becomes part of the memory (and all the wonderful pictures that go with it!).  Some of the costumes I can make are cowboys with a ride-in-horse, scuba diver, plasma guns with microphone sets (pictured left), fairy princesses, and astronauts.  You let me know what your theme is and I can come up with something to match!  I also have neon balloons that look fantastic under black lights.

I can also lead children in games with a balloon twist (pun intended!).  Games like capture the flag, kick ball, relay races, obstacle courses, limbo sticks and congo lines all become extra magical when balloons are added.