Balloon Artist Podcast

The Jam Room Podcast

Places to Buy Tutorials/Training

Balloon Academy (Membership program, $10 a month)


Balloon Jam (pdf tutorials)

BambaBalloon "Lima Twist" Tutorial

​Dance Floor Experiences Blueprint

Dan's Balloons

Fun with Sparkles

Jerome Santucci (Mr. Boma's Balloons)

Kids Entertainment Academy (Membership Program)

Live Balloons

Mark Byrne (Bad to the Balloon)

Sandi Masori (Books that come with video instruction, Decor)

Sleightly Delusional - A 21st Century Guide to Restaurant Entertainment

Sue Bowler Balloon Art (Decor)

Tony Twist, Real World Wow

Twister Sister downloads

Twister's Cookbook

Unicaw 89

Places to Buy Balloons

Balloon Guy (Balloons in Australia)

Balloon Market (Balloons in the UK)

Bargain Balloons (Flat $8 shipping rate.  Carries Qualatex and a cheaper, "Creative Brand" in bulk.  Also carries large stuffing balloons.  Does not carry Betallatex)

Brody's Balloons

Contintental Sales (Many unique balloons only carried by them.  Carries Betallatex and Qualatex.  DVDs)

LA Rocks (Free shipping on orders $150+.  Carries Qualatex and Betallatex.  Also lots of other fun things like magic, face paints, DVDs)

Rainbow Balloons

T Myers Magic

Places to Buy Balloon Gear



Airborn Creations (The Stencil Guy)

Twist 'em Up!

Upcoming Events

July 24-27, 2017,  Bling Bling Jam

August 22-24, 2017, Kapital Kidvention West

January 10-13, 2018, The Florida Super Jam

January 17-21, 2018, Twist and Shout

February 15-19, 2018, Kapital Kidvention

Insurance for Twisters

Clowns of America, International

Entertainer Insurance

K & K Insurance

Specialty Insurance Agency

World Clown Association

Other Resources

American Button Machine (If you want to hand out promotional buttons to kids, helps close your line)

Balloon Inventory App

Balloon Shine

Balloon Sticks

LED Lights for balloons- Ali Express

LED Lights for balloons- Amazon Prime

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream

Plush Stuffed Animals (Something you could give kids too young for a balloon)

Print Keg (Great place to buy postcard-sized business cards)

Slap Bracelets

Thing to help you stuff candy into balloons (This was cheaper at my local farming store)

Velcro Stickers